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ACCC | September 11, 2016

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2012 Road Season Pre-Registration

Jacob Andersson

BLACKSBURG, VA — This week most schools are headed back to classes and I just wanted to let you all know quickly about registration. First off, if you don’t know me my name is Jacob Andersson and I race for VT. I will be handling registration and results for this upcoming season.

Pre-season registration is now live on the registration page of the website. This data will be used for your waivers for each race weekend and the more people I can get to fill it out now the easier it will be to do registration for the first race especially. Please take time to discuss this in your team meetings and get people to start filling it out now.

This season I really want to stress pre-registration for each race, onsite registration slows everything down and is generally a pain. So please share all the registration stuff continually with your team and on your list-serve. I also just wanted to get my contact info out there for any questions and for teams to start sending me their race info and fliers asap. You can email me at jac… or jacob.n… and feel free to ask any questions about registration or the season in general.

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