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ACCC | November 19, 2016

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USA Cycling Officials Clinic

USA Cycling Officials Clinic
Ruth Stornetta

NEWPORT NEWS, VA — Our clinic for people who want to become USA Cycling (USAC) officials will be in Newport News, Virginia, on February 5, 2012, starting at 8:00 AM. The clinic will be led by National Official of the Year, Steve Stone! The first year your license fee is picked up by the Virginia Cycling Association so there is no cost for the clinic. Lunch will be provided as well.

Remember that all clubs are required to provide at least 2 days worth of officiating in order to be BAR eligible. That can be 2 officials with one day each or one official doing 2 days of races. Also, anyone is welcome- collegiate racers included! Please register for the clinic by sending an e-mail to Steve Stone. Please prepare for the clinic by reading over the USAC rulebook.

The location is the Sun Trust/BTC Building located at the corner of Warwick Blvd and Hiden Blvd in Newport News, VA. The building address is:

USA Cycling Officials Clinic
301 Hiden Boulevard
Newport News, VA

About USA Cycling Officials Program
The USA Cycling Officials program offers education, training, mentoring, evaluation, and opportunities for advancement and assignment to bicycle races throughout the country. The officials of a race event oversee the rules and regulations of USA Cycling and make sure that the event is safe and fair. For more information, please check out the USA Cycling Officials program website.