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ACCC | November 15, 2016

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ACCC 2012 Cyclocross Wrapup

Will Massey
  • On December 2, 2012

WASHINGTON, DC — This has been an amazing season and it was incredible to see how much the turnout grew from last year alone! There was a lot of good racing, good courses, and good fun had this year and I am happy that I was able to race with so many awesome collegiate people! Collegiate cycling is going to keep growing and growing at the rate you guys are bringing more and more people out from your teams to race. Unfortunately another season has finished though and while some of you seniors may be graduating and may have just finished your last collegiate cyclocross race I hope you remember all the fun and stay in contact with the team!

Results are posted online now and I would like to say congratulations to all of the team and Individual Champions. Statistically speaking if you are named Stephen you are going to win the A’s in the ACCC.

Division 1
Overall – Virginia Tech
Men’s A – Stephen Smith ( NCSU)
Men’s B – Oliver Donkervoet (VT)
Men’s C – Adam Stewart (NCSU)
Women’s A – Kay Comer (VT)
Women’s B – Becca Stimson (VT)

Division 2
Overall – Wake Forest University
Men’s A – Stephen Vogel (WAKE)
Men’s B – Charkie Huegel (UNC-G)
Men’s C -Ricky Devennish (UNCW)
Women’s A – Katy Applin (WAKE)
Women’s B – Tate Devlin (UNCW)

On another note with the end of Cyclocross season I am also ending my time as ACCC Registrar. With school, team obligations, racing and so forth piling up I have found that I am not able to complete all my tasks as well as I should be able to. I have really enjoyed meeting all of you being assistant for road and registrar for cross and will still see you around at the races! You guys made my job really easy this season and I thank you for that.

Nationals Allocations will be sent out soon as well as conference plans for traveling to Madison.

Have a good night ya’ll and thanks again on an awesome season!

Atlantic Collegiate Cycling Conference
The Atlantic Collegiate Cycling Conference (ACCC) is a collection of cycling clubs representing colleges and universities from Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina. We are one of eleven conferences that make up the collegiate program of USA Cycling, the national governing body of cycling in the United States. Our athletes compete in road, mountain, and cyclocross racing throughout the academic year at the conference level with hopes of qualifying for the USA Cycling Collegiate National Championships. For more information, please check out the ACCC website.