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ACCC | November 19, 2016

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ACCC Results for NC State/Wake Forest

Will Massey
  • On September 9, 2013

Sanford, NC — The first event of 2013 ACCC Collegiate Mountain Biking season took place in Sanford, NC, on Saturday, September 7th, 2013; and what a great first day of racing it was! Thanks for all those who came out and participated in NC State’s event! With NC State’s Cycling Club sponsoring a mostly flowy XC loop and Time Trial race at San-Lee Park, the ACCC had some big fields and fun racing throughout all categories.

Danbury, NC — The second day of racing was sponsored by Wake Forest’s Cycling Club and took place at Moore’s Springs Campground near Winston-Salem/Wake Forest University, on Sunday, September 8th, 2013, and included a flowy Short Track loop with a fire road climb and a technical single track descent, a 1.4 mile Time Trial ascent up single track to the start of the Downhill, and a Downhill full of a mix of big berms, bridges and rock gardens.

Great Job to all the teams!

Sep 07-08 NC State/Wake Forest MTB Results

Note: Results are now posted to the USA Cycling and ACCC Results webpages.

VCU Race Update — VCU contacted me a couple days ago and I have been trying to find alternatives up until now but I can now say that VCU has cancelled their race. While Saturday was supposed to be VCU they unfortunately were not able to get their event together and will not be hosting. Again, schools if you need help hosting your event, Brian and I are here for resources and help. We do not want any more cancelled races this season whether it be MTB, CX or Road.

Next Race: William & Mary MTB Race on Sep 15 — Meanwhile, the William and Mary’s Race is still on! Sunday will be William and Mary and their flyer can be found on the ACCC Schedule section. We are getting excited for William and Mary this upcoming weekend!