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ACCC | November 19, 2016

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ACCC Conference Championship @ ASU Info

Will Massey

Hey All, the flyer for ASU Conference Championships @ ASU is out along with the ACCC Conference Championships Registration link.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have your team pre-register. With Dual Slalom the first event on Saturday if people pre-register it will make things so incredibly much easier. As with VT, the Dual Slalom and Downhill will be run using the gravity category you have assigned.

A full face helmet is REQUIRED for the downhill. Points are super close so bring out the whole team as Conferences are Double points!

For the MTB Team Relay, this event will consist of a four lap race with the team racing each rider at least once. Teams may consist of 1M 1W, 2M 1W, 2W 1M or 2M 2W. A simple way to think of is this just like a team time trial on the road. Racers may “race up” meaning that if you have a men’s A and a women’s b you can race the team as A. Even if you only have two people on your team you need to trade off each lap by crossing a line on the course which allows your teammate to start their lap. A team may field may field more than one team if possible but only one team in each category will be scored (i.e school x has two A teams but only the highest place will score points and the other will displace.)

Last thing, make sure that you have had your team fill out the Nationals Survey I sent out last week and I will be contacting teams shortly on eligibility and spots.

Atlantic Collegiate Cycling Conference
The Atlantic Collegiate Cycling Conference (ACCC) is a collection of cycling clubs representing colleges and universities from Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina. We are one of eleven conferences that make up the collegiate program of USA Cycling, the national governing body of cycling in the United States. Our athletes compete in road, mountain, and cyclocross racing throughout the academic year at the conference level with hopes of qualifying for the USA Cycling Collegiate National Championships. For more information, please check out the ACCC website.