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ACCC | December 2, 2016

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ACCC and Mountain Season Updates

Will Massey

BLACKSBURG, VA — ACCC’ers, I hope everyone has had a great summer and for most of you have had a swell first week/day of classes! I wanted to send an update on some conference things and then give you guys and gals some info for the first couple mountain weekends as they are quickly approaching! There is a lot of info so bear with me. Last weekend Brian Adamchuk and I went out to Colorado for the Collegiate Cycling Summit meeting and were given lots of good info and insight into some new changes, advancements, and rules that will be new or being implemented over time throughout collegiate cycling.

First off the exciting things!

MTB Team Relay!
This year at MTB Nationals there will be a team relay event which consists of 4 laps of a short-track similar style course with teams consisting of up to 4 riders (this is a co-ed relay so teams must have a least 1 woman and 1 man and if you choose to have 4 riders it must be 2 and 2). I can send out much more info on the event but it can also be found in the USAC Rulebook under Section 6G7.

Integration of Highschool Racers
USAC is working to develop the interscholastic part of cycling and a huge area of growth can be found in the highschool area. Starting this year (in the ACCC, other conferences have been doing this for a while) we are going to try to integrate highschooler’s into our collegiate races. This will not only allow juniors and highschoolers great experience racing but also
hopefully grow field sizes at many of our venues! This can be done by adding highschool A,B,C fields etc. and having them start with the corresponding collegiate field. I know this is short notice for MTB season but we should definitely make a push for this for road season as well! Again race promoters please contact me with questions about this and I will give more info.

All races count, points operate the same as last year. We did have a lot of good discussion about points and for 2013-2014 they will be staying the same. I am more than willing to discuss points with any of you either on the phone, in person or via email about the matter but points will be ran the same way that they were for last year, this is nation wide and it
will not be changed this year.

Conference Meetings
We will be having three conference meetings a year now instead of one at the end of road season. Each meeting will be at conferences for the respective discipline and we will discuss the following season , any concerns etc. Hopefully this will allow us to set out our schedules even sooner and possibly get on board with more local series as well if the conference decides that is what is best.

Registration and Results
That information will be out shortly.

Conference Non-Restructuring
A couple people have asked me if the conference will be dividing up or changing this year. Right now everything conference wise will be the same. North Carolina is still a strange state due to the number of schools in the ACCC and the others in the SECCC but we will keep on rocking the Atlantic. Whoop Whoop!

Mountain Season is quickly approaching so get your team pumped for NCSU and Wake’s paired weekend the 7th and the 8th! Registration will be sent out shortly and the flyer can be found online.

As always if you want to get more involved with the ACCC we can always use the help and would love to have more people on board as well! Good luck in school and please feel free to email me with anything at all! Brian and I are here at your disposal for any info and resources you may need so keep us in the loop!

Atlantic Collegiate Cycling Conference
The Atlantic Collegiate Cycling Conference (ACCC) is a collection of cycling clubs representing colleges and universities from Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina. We are one of eleven conferences that make up the collegiate program of USA Cycling, the national governing body of cycling in the United States. Our athletes compete in road, mountain, and cyclocross racing throughout the academic year at the conference level with hopes of qualifying for the USA Cycling Collegiate National Championships. For more information, please check out the ACCC website.

Conference Highschool relay